Why You Need an Updated Headshot

How old is the headshot on your website or social media profiles? A couple years old? A couple decades old?

You may think once you have one professional headshot you’re happy with, that’s all you need. But – you’d be wrong.

Just because it’s easier to keep the same photo for years doesn’t mean it’s the best option. In fact, utilizing the same picture for extended lengths of time can impact your perception online negatively. After all, your headshot is often the first impression you’re going to make on someone, and it can make or break the relationships you’ll have with customers or potential employers.

Here’s why you need an updated headshot:

It’s a representation of who you are at this time.

Who you are now is not someone you’ve ever been, so why show an image that’s years old? Odds are you’ve freshened up your haircut, improved your wardrobe, and overall fit the bill of a professional. However, if you’re 34 and your headshot is from when you were 24 – potential customers or employers may think you’re young and inexperienced.

Be proud of aging! It means you’ve gained both industry and life experience.

You want to look current and modern.

Photography styles are constantly evolving, and it’s important your headshot look current. If you were browsing for a new employee and their headshot looked like an 80s glamour shot – would you take them seriously?

Dated photos make the person depicted in them look dated as well. This can lead to an assumption that your skills and experience are dated as well, and could ultimately cost you a job or sale.

It’s helpful in optimizing your online presence.

Every time you upload a new image of yourself online, it will show up when you’re Googled. Having many professional images of yourself online is a great way to bolster your online reputation, as well as beef up your search results. It can be a bit of a bad sign when someone Googles your name and there aren’t any results, or the results are incredibly dated. By updating your headshot regularly, you’re ensuring current images of you are what you’re being represented by.

Headshot Photography Columbus, Ohio

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