Why Stock Photography Won’t Benefit Your Business

When it comes to marketing, whether it be online or in print, imagery is important. People are incredibly visual, so offsetting text with photographs is a great way to make a positive impression and gain attention.

However, not all photographs are equal.

It’s all too easy to go online and search for ‘free stock photos’, drop them into a webpage or brochure and call it a day. Really though, you’re hurting your business.

This is because stock photography (unless done very well) comes off as cold, impersonal, and generic. Odds are that dozens (hundreds, perhaps) of other businesses have used that EXACT same stock photo, and if a customer makes that realization you end up looking bad. Utilizing stock can send off a message that you’re lazy or too cheap to invest in your business, and that is not an impression you want to make on potential customers or clients.

So, what do you do if stock photography is a no-no? Invest in corporate photography.

Sure, hiring a corporate photographer in Columbus, Ohio, may be more expensive than purchasing stock photos, but the benefits are much greater. You’ll know for certain that all the images you’re using online won’t be utilized by any other businesses, and you’ll be able to inform your corporate photographer of the exact kind of images you’re looking for and won’t need to spend hours searching for the perfect image.

Utilizing custom photos will also make your marketing much more genuine. Seeing your employees’ faces makes your brand much more legitimate than those that show the same pleasant smiling woman time and time again.

During your corporate photo session images can also be taken of your facilities that can be used in a variety of ways, whether it be on your website, on social media, or in print materials. Scheduling corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, gives you full range to capture the images you want, need, and require to successfully market to your customers.

If you’re looking for corporate photography or corporate portraits in Columbus, Ohio, Lucidaré Studio is here to help!

We serve all of the Columbus, Ohio, area from our corporate photography studio in Grandview. We can come to you in Blacklick, Delaware, Dublin, Grove City, Hilliard, New Albany, Pataskala, Powell, Sunbury, Westerville or Worthington to capture your employees at work and your facilities.

To set up an appointment to discuss rates and dates or to book your corporate photo session, contact us online or by phone at (614) 763-5001.

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