Why Shouldn’t I Shoot My Own Corporate Photography?

Nowadays everyone is a photographer. Armed with the latest smartphone, many people simply throw a filter on a mediocre image and call it successful if it gets a decent amount of Instagram likes.

However, just because you can take a decent image doesn’t mean you should, especially when your business is concerned. Here’s why you should leave your corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, to a professional:

They have the needed skillset.

A trained corporate photographer will have the knowledge and expertise to capture the images your business needs to stand out amongst the crowd. You won’t be left with the same cookie cutter images everyone else uses – you’ll have fresh, relevant images you can use online or in print.

Your corporate photographer will also have the ability to professionally edit your images as well, ensuring the focus of the image is highlighted, and that overall the tone and coloring is pleasant and on brand.

They have the needed equipment.

Odds are, you don’t have a camera capable of capturing incredibly high quality images that can be used for print. Your smart phone can capture nice images, but most of the time they’re best suited for web.

When you hire a corporate photographer, you’re hiring them with their equipment. Lightboxes, tripods, reflectors, camera, editing software and all – and you won’t have to scramble to make do with what you’ve got.

You don’t have to worry about it.

On of the biggest reasons why you should entrust a corporate photographer with your business’ photography needs is so you don’t have to worry about it. You won’t have to strategize and set up the perfect shot, you won’t have to wrangle your employees together, and you won’t have to worry about ensuring the images are the correct size for your desired application. Most importantly, you won’t be taken away from your work day in order to capture all of the photos – you’ll be available for all of your business’ needs, and can concentrate your undivided attention on your customers and employees.


When you’re looking for corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, look to Lucidaré Studio.

We serve all of Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas. We can come to your business in Blacklick, Delaware, Dublin, Grove City, Hilliard, New Albany, Pataskala, Powell, Sunbury, Westerville, or Worthington to shoot the photographs your business needs.

If you have any questions regarding our corporate photography services including availability and rates, feel free to reach out to us online, by phone at 614-763-5001, or by email at info@lucidarestudio.com

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