What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot Based on Your Personality Type

“Lingerie” is a word people most associate with frilly and lacy tops accompanied normally by a T-back pair of panties. But, lingerie isn’t limited to one type of outfit. A lingerie outfit could be a simple T-shirt or comfy sweater paired with a modest, but still sexy, pair of cheeky panties. It could be a lace bralette with a matching pair of underwear with lace trim. Maybe lingerie is nothing but a great pair of heels and a bold statement necklace. Whatever you decide could say a lot about your personality.

There are four distinct personality types that most people fall under: “A,” “B,” “C,” and “D.” Some people are strictly one type, while others are a hybrid of two or three. Here’s what each one could wear during a boudoir photoshoot with Lucidaré Studio.

Personality “A”

A-type personalities are natural leaders, preferring to be in charge and in control of their environment and situation. They are not particularly detailed-oriented or set in specific routines, as they much prefer to look at the bigger picture and play everything by ear.

A no-nonsense A-type person might wear what most people would consider “classic lingerie.” Lace bodysuits, three-piece sets of bodice, panties, and garter belt, and sheer babydoll pieces fall under this category. You like looking at the bigger picture, which, in this case, is your boudoir shoot. There’s no desire for you to fret over the small details of your outfit, because you know you’ll look good no matter what!

Personality “B”

People who are B-type personalities are outgoing, enthusiastic, and like to be the center of attention. If you categorize yourself as a B-type personality, you like a lot of positive feedback and admiration for your appearance. You like to daydream and sometimes be a little dramaticwhich is not a bad thing!

What better way to showcase your personality in your boudoir images than to go nude! You’re already comfortable in your own skin, so a bare-it-all boudoir shoot will perfectly capture your outgoing and enthusiastic personality. Throw on a sexy pair of heels and your favorite necklace to add a bit of sparkle to your outfitor lack thereof.

Personality “C”

Those who identify with C-type personalities are detailed, careful, and strive for originality and cleverness. C-type people are resourceful and patient, preferring to think things over than to act quickly.

A simple, yet effective, bralette and panties set will capture the essence of your personality in your boudoir outfit. Because there are so many colors, styles, and cuts to choose from, you can take the time in the weeks leading to your shoot picking out the different pieces that best compliment you. You’ll be sure to find an original set of bralette and panties that will showcase you and your personality.

Personality “D”

If you’re a D-type personality, you prefer to take things at a slower pace. There’s no need to rush through life, right? Enjoying life is what it’s all about for D-type personalities and they seek secure and stable environments, thinking that other people might be a little crazy for taking big risks.

For this personality, a sexy T-shirt with cheeky panties is the way to go. If you like to play it safe and still want to play it sexy, there are plenty of poses in this outfit in which you can be a little risque, if you please. But you like comfort, and being in your favorite T-shirt will help bring out your compassionate and caring side in your final boudoir images.


If you find yourself debating which personality category you fall into, you might be a blend of two or three. In this case, pick multiple outfits and talk with your photographer about outfit changes. Lucidaré Studio is a professional full-service boudoir photography studio dedicated to capturing the allure and beauty of its boudoir clients. Contact us to schedule a high-quality boudoir photography session.

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