What to Expect During a Corporate Photography Shoot with Lucidaré Studio

When you decide to schedule corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, with Lucidaré Studio, you’re probably curious about what you can expect. Will the shoot take long? Will my employees need to stop working? Will I have to be available throughout the shoot?

If you’re asking yourself some of these questions, this is the blog post for you. We’re covering in depth what you can expect during your corporate photography shoot.

After your initial inquiry, our lead photographer, Melissa, will reach out to you. She’ll discuss your needs, expectations, and the purpose for your shoot. This brief initial consultation will allow us to better understand what it is you’re looking for in a corporate photography shoot, and allow us to quote out the appropriate amount of hours.

Whether you’re looking for a few snapshots of your office space, a corporate portrait in Columbus, Ohio, or some images of your employees doing what they do best, our consultation will help narrow in on what will best benefit you and your business.

After you’ve scheduled your shoot, Melissa will remain in contact with you. She’ll be available to answer any questions and come up with a game plan in regards to your session. Our aim is to have you as prepared as can be come the day of your shoot, that way you can plan accordingly.

On the day of your shoot, Melissa will come out at your scheduled time, meet with you, and get to work right away. If headshots were included in your session, she’ll locate the best possible area for shooting and only need to spend a couple of minutes with each employee being photographed, so you won’t need to worry about their productivity being affected.

She will work around your office setup and employees, taking the shots discussed, and be sure not to disturb anyone while they’re hard at work. There won’t be any interference in day to day proceedings, unless otherwise discussed, so your employees can continue to do their work.

Typically, you won’t be required to be on hand during most of the shoot, so once Melissa has met you and you’ve both discussed the plans for the shoot, you can get back to work as well (if you wish). Once Melissa has snapped all the needed shots she’ll have a brief discussion with you about editing and her projected time of completion, and then she’ll be on her way.

You’ll receive the edited photos in a private, virtual folder for your review. Once you’ve made your selections, you’ll be provided with unwatermarked images that you can use for a variety of things, like social media marketing or in print materials.

At Lucidaré Studio, our aim is to make your corporate photo session as easy as possible. We won’t come in and expect you to shut down your production for the day. We strive to capture authentic, real-life photos, that way your customers can get a glimpse into your day to day.

When you’re ready to book your session reach out to us online or by phone at (614) 763-5001

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