What to Discuss With Your Boudoir Photographer to Get the Most Out of Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photography is a chance for the subject to open themselves up to a camera lens and let the photographer capture inner beauty and desire. The key to achieving a great boudoir photo shoot is a trust between the photographer and the model. If you can’t trust your photographer, how are you going to feel comfortable receiving direction and suggestions during your shoot? This will lead to unsatisfactory results and an overall poor experience.

To prevent unsavory feelings and a negative experience, it’s crucial to maintain an open line of communication with your boudoir photographer in the weeks, days, and even hours, leading up to the photo shoot. Lucidaré Studio, an experienced boudoir photography studio in Columbus, Ohio, would like to give you advice on what to discuss with your photographer in order to get the most out of your photo shoot.


If you want your photographer to understand what kind of photos you are looking for, send them a picture of the outfits you have picked for your shoot. Your choices don’t necessarily have to be lingerie, comfy T-shirts, button-ups, and oversized sweaters can be used in creative ways to produce images that make you feel sexy and confident. Explain your comfort in these clothes to your photographer, and they will be sure to capture photos of you at your best.

On the flipside, if lingerie is your go-to for getting in a boudoir mood, let your photographer know what colors, cuts, and accessories you will be bringing. A simple heads-up will go a long way in the planning stages of your Columbus boudoir photography session.


Think about the positions in which you find yourself the sexiest. Is it lounging casually in bed? Is it showing off your full figure with a mirrored reflection? Maybe it’s stretching out and showcasing your long legs. Whatever poses you feel feature your best side, communicate that with your photographer at least a few days before the shoot. The more they understand about how you appreciate your body, the easier it is for them to capture lovely and sultry images.


The reasons people choose to do a boudoir photography session are endless. Some do it as gifts for special occasions such as anniversaries, Christmas, engagements, marriage, and birthdays. Others like to surprise their significant other with professional photos to show off how gorgeous they look on camera. Maternity boudoir shoots are another wonderful way to celebrate and remember the glow of motherhood. Some do it for themselves and just want to experience the fun of strutting around in sexy lingerie and heels!

Whatever the reason, tell your photographer. They most likely have done a shoot for that reason before, and know just the poses, makeup, and outfit for you to make it the best photo shoot you’ve ever had.

When you’re looking for a communicative and professional boudoir photography studio in Columbus, Ohio, don’t hesitate to contact Lucidaré Studio. We are a full-service boudoir studio that serves a variety of clients. If you’re ready for a boudoir photography session, contact us to begin talking about what you want out of a Columbus boudoir photo shoot.


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