Things to Wear During Your Boudoir Photo Shoot- that Isn’t Lingerie

As humans, we’re complex individuals. All with different tastes and preferences. As women, our preferences are even more complex – especially when we’re talking boudoir photography.

When it comes to boudoir, women typically either love it or hate it. The women who tend to dislike boudoir have either:

  1.     Never had a shoot;
  2.     Had a bad experience during a shoot; or
  3.     Aren’t the type to wear lingerie or pose nude.

If you fall into the latter, don’t worry! You can still have a fun and sexy boudoir shoot without wearing lingerie or being fully nude. Here are some fun and creative outfit ideas that will work for anyone:

Your Significant Other’s Clothing

In lieu of lingerie sneak away some of your special someone’s garments. These can include work shirts, pajamas, their favorite t-shirt, or a jersey from their favorite sports team. You’ll not only be covering yourself up, but be adding in a flirty personalization your S.O. will surely appreciate.

Your Regular, Everyday Clothing

A soft sweater falling down over one of your shoulders, a sheer lacy blouse, a crop top, or cut-off jean shorts are all great clothing options for a boudoir shoot. Go through your closet and pick out some of the items that make you feel the sexiest and pair them with simple panties, cute little night shorts, or even paired with nothing underneath is a very sexy alternative to lingerie that leaves much to the imagination!

Rompers & Bodysuits 

A sexy, lacy, or ruffled romper is a great way to show off your arms and legs while still keeping your torso covered. Pair your romper with a set of killer heels and you’ll have legs for days!

Trench Coats/Jackets

There is nothing more classically sexy than a trench coat paired with high heels, and it makes for a great boudoir photo. Let some of your skin peek through to reveal you’re in nothing underneath or be more conservative and let their mind run wild!


Beautiful, delicate robes add a sexy yet soft touch to boudoir photos. Silk and satin photograph beautifully, and lace adds in a wonderful touch of elegance. The robe can be floor length for more drama and mystery, or shorter and paired with heels to show off your legs.

Costumes & Uniforms

Dressing up in a fun costume or work uniform is a great way to cater to your significant other’s fantasies. Do they have a thing for nurses? Wear a nurse’s costume during your shoot and see their jaw drop at the finished product!

Some other fun costume ideas that suit a wide variety of tastes include a librarian, an angel (or a devil if you’re feeling naughty), a police officer, a school girl, or a French maid.

No matter what you choose to wear during your boudoir shoot, confidence is key. You will look just as sexy in an old t-shirt as you will in the strappiest lingerie if you feel good in your own skin.


If you’re looking for a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, consider Lucidaré Studio. We serve all northwest and central Ohio directly from our studio in Columbus, and we always encourage you to dress (or undress) to your level of comfort, no matter if it’s wearing barely-there lingerie or a sweater.

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