The Meaning Behind The Name: Lucidaré

Pronounced: lu-chi-da-ray

While your services as a business are incredibly important, the name and meaning behind your business is just as important. Your name represents who you are and your mission as a brand, and not having a name worthy of your customer’s business can be a serious problem.

At Lucidaré Studio, we take this seriously. Our name, Lucidaré, is Italian in its origin, and means ‘to polish’.

We chose this name because polishing is exactly what we do when it comes to our corporate, headshot, and boudoir photography services. We achieve a professional shine and gloss on your professional images, and add just the right amount of polished seduction to your boudoir images.

Here’s how we do so for each of our services:

Corporate Photography in Columbus, Ohio

How you represent your business in print and online is incredibly important in today’s image driven world. Whether they be images of your office, facilities, or action shots of your employees doing what they do best, sending out the right message is important. This is where Lucidaré Studio comes in.

We will come to your establishment and shoot crisp, clear photos that show exactly what your business is about – but with a professional overlay that will show your brand in its best light. We work hard to capture your environment and employees in just the right way to ensure you look professional and capable.

Headshots in Columbus, Ohio

It’s simple enough to shoot a headshot, in fact, most people do so with their phones. However, only a professional headshot photographer can bring out your natural essence in your final image. In our studio, we work closely with you to ensure you’re comfortable, that way we can guarantee the most professional, yet personable headshot. We always make sure you look like yourself and can put your best face forward – we just add the perfect touch of professional polish.

Boudoir Photography in Columbus, Ohio

There are many people who call themselves ‘boudoir photographers’, but many of them aren’t able to capture your natural allure. It’s simple enough to shoot a few photos of someone in their underwear, but bringing out their sensuality is an entirely different challenge. In our boudoir studio, we ensure your comfort is our top priority, because we know when you’re comfortable your final images appear more natural and relaxed.

Once we’ve achieved the perfect poses and your session has ended, we apply light retouching to your images. We smooth wrinkles in your clothing, adjust lighting, and tame fly aways to ensure you’re looking your best, but still look like you. We let your natural allure do the talking, so your images will be brimming with just the right amount of sensuality.


If you’re looking for photography services with final images that shine, Lucidaré Studio is the answer. Visit our website for more information and to contact us, or give us a call at 614-763-5001

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