The Different Types of Corporate Photography and How They Impact Your Business

It’s no doubt that our world is becoming more technological every day. This increase in day-to-day tech isn’t only affecting our personal lives, but our professional lives as well.

This means if you’re a business, you need to be online. Whether it’s a website or social media profile (preferably both), users need to be able to find you with the simple click of a button – don’t you want to make the best impression possible when they do?

To make a great impression on your website, you need to have one that is designed well. A great website will have clear call to actions, be easily navigable, and have high quality photographs. A common misstep most businesses make on their websites is relying too heavily on stock photos. Sure, most stock images may be good quality, but overusing stock can come off as generic and impersonal, and that’s not the message you’re looking to send to potential customers.

This is where corporate photography comes in. When it comes to corporate photography there are typically four different types businesses can use online, and they are as follows:


Corporate portrait photography can be used in a variety of ways online. A corporate photographer can come to your business and take shots of your employees for company profiles, social media profiles, and for other marketing collateral.

Having professional images taken of you and your employees helps make your business more personable. It’s always great to see the faces behind a company, and displaying high quality images of your team online is a wonderful way to do that.

Group Shots

Like corporate portrait photography, group shots can be taken of your employees as well. A corporate photographer can take photos during in-house meetings, on lunch breaks, or any other occasions multiple employees would be working together in the same space.

These types of shots allow people to see more of your organization as a whole and while it’s in action. They’re great for sharing on social media channels and for adding a touch more personality to your website.

Building and Office Spaces

While photographing your employees is important, capturing your environment is important as well. People are nosy by nature, and being able to peer into your business from the outside is a great way to get acquainted with your company.

Images of your building or office spaces make great accent photos online, and are great to feature on the ‘about’ section of your website.

Special Events

If you’re an organization that participates in a lot of special events (or even just one or two per year), having a corporate photographer on hand to capture those moments is a good idea. Whether it be a conference, gala, or a simple office birthday party, documenting the goings on after business hours is great for social media, and is great to feature on the company blog or newsletter.


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