The Difference Between Good Headshots and Bad Headshots

You’re searching for a job. More specifically, you’re searching for a job on LinkedIn. You’ve created your profile and have begun plugging in the information from your career history.

Everything is looking good until you’re asked to upload a profile picture. You know that LinkedIn isn’t Facebook, so you can’t upload a photo of you in a group of friends at a not-so-professional event. Now you realize that it’s time to get a professional headshot done, but what do good headshots and bad headshots look like and why is it important to have a good one? Don’t worry, Lucidaré Studio, a professional headshot and lifestyle portrait photography studio in Columbus, Ohio will tell you.

Good Headshots:

First things first, good headshots are well-cropped and feature you in professional clothing, usually from the mid-chest and up. It’s important to wear what you would normally wear to work in your headshot, as you are trying to convey a certain level of professionalism through a photo.

Headshots that are well-done will be shot with a neutral or non-distracting backdrop. This could be outdoors but be sure that there are not other people or distracting features in the background. If you’re looking for an in-studio headshot, the background should be untextured and a neutral color such as grey or beige.

Good headshots are color-corrected and lightly edited to remove flyaway strands of hair and a blemish or two. If it makes sense for your profession, maybe it will be edited to black and white, but this is a decision to think carefully about, as it could be seen by some people as unprofessional.  

It’s important that your LinkedIn headshot photographer does not over-edit the photo to the point that it does not look like you in real life. Remember, this is showcasing your professionalism, not your beauty.

Bad Headshots:

Yikes! No one wants to spend money on a bad headshot or hire someone that’s presenting themselves as unprofessional, especially on a site like LinkedIn.

A bad headshot, first and foremost, will either look like or actually be a selfie. This type of profile picture on your LinkedIn will ensure that you will be skipped when recruiters are looking for potential employees. It’s important that you hire a professional headshot photographer to capture your best and most professional self.

If you wear makeup, it’s important to apply it conservatively. Not that you can’t rock a smoky eyeshadow and winged eyeliner, but it’s more important to go for a light, professional, and natural look. A bad headshot will feature dramatic makeup more fit for a night out, not for a day in the office or working with clients. This doesn’t apply to every profession, but it does apply to most! It also doesn’t mean no makeup at all, so neutral colors that highlight your eye color or compliment your skin tone are OK.

The quality of the headshot is crucial too. If a profile picture on LinkedIn is low-quality and pixelated, it will come off as unprofessional, and recruiters will think you present yourself as unprofessional or unserious. Be sure that your Columbus, Ohio professional headshot photographer can provide you with high-resolution pictures.

Contact a Professional Headshot Photographer

Now that you know what good headshots and bad headshots look like, it’s time to schedule a photo session with Columbus, Ohio headshot photography studio, Lucidaré Studio. As a successful headshot and lifestyle studio, Lucidaré knows exactly how capture your professionalism and ensure that you’re presenting your best self on LinkedIn during your job search.

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