Showcasing Your Natural Beauty through Boudoir Photography


At Lucidaré Studio we aim to capture your natural beauty.

We strongly believe that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, and that is what we strive to reveal during every session.

However, we don’t believe in over editing photos or applying heavy makeup that makes you appear in a way that isn’t true to you. This can’t be said of most boudoir photography studios in Ohio, and this is what sets us apart.

When you book hair and makeup services with your boudoir package, we work diligently to play up the gorgeous features you already have. We don’t apply heavy face products, get carried away with contour, or apply bulky false lashes. These methods of makeup application can come off too heavy on camera, and result in images that not only distract from your natural beauty, but make you look like someone that you’re not. After all, most women don’t apply a full on glam face every day, let alone for the bedroom, so staying as close to your natural appearance as possible is ideal.

Along with the makeup, we take a similar approach when styling your hair. You probably don’t prep yourself for an intimate moment with an extravagant updo, so we create perfectly messy, touchable, sexy waves you can run your fingers through during your shoot. The style adds in a touch of playfulness to your images, and you can feel free to have fun and toss your hair about without fear of ruining your style.

Once the shoot is all said and done, our lead photographer, Melissa, begins editing the photos. Unlike some of our competitors, it’s not our goal to make you look like a runway model. We offer slight retouching (taming flyaways, adjusting lighting and coloring, etc.) but we won’t remove cellulite, stretchmarks, or slim your appearance. This is because every mark, bump, and curve of your body is unique to you. Every mark has its own story, and removing those marks erases those stories. No matter if the final images are for you or are a gift for a significant other, leaving all of the perfect imperfections every woman has makes your finished images not only truly special, but real.

At Lucidaré Studio we photograph real women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, and we deliver images showcasing each and every one of them and their unique attributes – not images that look as though they’ve been cut out of a fashion magazine.

If you’re looking for real boudoir photography in Columbus, Ohio, check out Lucidaré Studio. We serve all of northwest and central Ohio directly from our studio in Columbus. Contact us today to schedule your boudoir session, you can connect with us online or give us a call at (614) 763-5001

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  1. […] Although Snapchat filters and other in-phone editing options make it easy to quickly touch up photos to save and/or send to others, it just doesn’t compare to professional editing software. Color filters from Snapchat or phone applications can significantly reduce the file quality of the photo and no phone editing app could successfully edit out an unexpected blemish or flyaway hair. Professional photo editing from Lucidaré ensures that small and necessary edits are made, but don’t reduce the quality of the photo or take away from your natural beauty. […]