Should I Wear Makeup for My Professional Headshot?

No matter if you’re a man or woman, when you’re having a professional headshot taken you want to look your best. For some of us that means getting a haircut or blowout, getting a fresh shave from the barber, or hitting the tanning bed.

However, when it comes to headshots – is makeup a necessity?

The quick, but not so helpful, answer is ‘sometimes’. Let’s expand upon that:

If you’re not the type of person to wear much makeup, if any, then you should not feel compelled to wear it for your headshot. The purpose of a headshot is to capture your natural essence, and you won’t look like yourself if you’re caked in layers of makeup you don’t usually wear.

But, just because you don’t typically wear makeup doesn’t mean you can’t enhance your look a bit if you prefer. An easy, unobtrusive step is to use some translucent powder or a powder foundation to quickly even out your skin tone and eliminate shine. This will mattify your complexion without adding on a lot of product, and is also a great tip for men who tend to get a bit oily. Yes, guys. You can wear makeup during your headshot.

For those individuals who want to enhance their appearance a touch more, adding a coat of mascara, a bit of blush, and some tinted lip gloss can help awaken your face and draw more attention to your eyes. If you usually wear eyeshadow, aim to keep it natural. Matte shadows photograph best in headshots, and they don’t accentuate creases on the eyelid or around the eyes as much as shimmery shadows do.

If makeup isn’t your forte or if you simply want to ensure you look your best for your corporate portrait in Columbus, Ohio, Lucidaré Studio offers professional hair and makeup services catered specifically for headshots. We will enhance your natural features and make you look like the best ‘you’ possible.

When you’re searching for headshot photography in Columbus, Ohio, look no further. Lucidaré Studio serves all of northwest and central Ohio from our studio in Columbus, and we can even come to your home or business to take your photo upon request. Our owner, Melissa, has the skills to bring out your natural essence on camera, and you’ll be more than satisfied with your professional, finished product.

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