Should I Keep My Boudoir Photography Session a Secret?

If you’ve scheduled a boudoir photography session as a gift for a special someone, you may be wondering if you should tell them about it. After all, they won’t see the final product until a couple of weeks after your session, so is telling them really a big deal?

At Lucidaré Studio, a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, we love when our clients surprise their significant others with boudoir photos. It not only makes gifting the images more fun for you, but makes the shoot more fun for everyone (who doesn’t love being in on a secret!).

On average, about 80% of our clients have kept their sessions a secret until gifting day. The other 20% had various reasons for telling their special someone. Some wanted their partner to pick out what they wore during the shoot and give some insight into what they’d like to see them do, while others simply could not keep it a secret. It can be hard keeping secrets from someone you share so much of your life with – especially when you live together! You may also just not feel comfortable hiding something from your partner, and that’s perfectly okay. The healthiest relationships are built on total honesty and trust, and if that means giving someone a heads up about their boudoir gift, so be it!

But, in case you do want to keep your boudoir session a secret, here are some of our favorite ‘excuses’:

You’re having a girls’ day.

There’s no better way to explain why you come home with your hair and makeup done than by saying you’re having a girls’ day with some of your best friends. You can tell your S.O. one of your besties wanted to practice some makeup on you, or tell them that you went to the mall and got complimentary makeovers. Better yet, have a mini girls’ get together after your shoot and technically you won’t be stretching the truth too much.

You’re taking the day off.

If you live with your significant other and you schedule your session during the week, they may be curious why you don’t leave for work at your usual time (if you work a 9-5 type of job). Simply tell them you’re taking a day off to recharge, visit with family, go shopping, nap, etc. Whatever you’d be most likely to do on a day off, tell them that’s what you’re doing. You could always wash off your makeup and brush out your hair before they get home, and they’ll be none the wiser!

They’ll see later.

If you don’t feel like coming up with an excuse, just tell them you’re off to do something as a surprise for them and they’ll find out what it is later. You’re being honest and up front, yet not revealing anything specific to ruin the surprise.


If you’re looking for boudoir photography in Columbus, look to Lucidaré Studio. We serve all of northwest and central Ohio directly from our studio in Columbus. Contact us today to schedule your boudoir session! Reach out online or give us a call at 614.763.5001.

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