Scheduling a Boudoir Session for Your Significant Other

When it comes to boudoir sessions, typically the person who is having the photos taken of themselves is the one to set up and orchestrate it. Usually they’re booking their own photo session as a gift for their spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

However, a fun way to switch it up is to gift the session to your special someone. Perhaps your wife or girlfriend has always wanted to take boudoir photos but never could quite take the plunge. Take it for her!

This is not only a fantastic way to treat her to something she’s always wanted to do, but is a great way to give her a big confidence boost. What makes a woman feel better than to have her hair and makeup professionally done, strut her stuff in some sexy lingerie, and see how GORGEOUS she looks on camera? No matter if your special someone is more reserved or not that fond of lingerie, the experience of a boudoir shoot will make even the shyest most modest people feel great about themselves.

Not to mention, you’ll get the see the photos once everything is all said and done – a win win for both of you!

So, if you’re looking for boudoir photography in Columbus, how do you go about scheduling your surprise session? It’s simple! Just contact Lucidaré Studio.

Lucidaré Studio is a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, and we offer full service boudoir sessions to a variety of clients. We always strive for each and every one of our clients to feel special, beautiful, and most importantly comfortable during their boudoir session. If your special someone doesn’t feel comfortable in lingerie, we have plenty of other wardrobe ideas that are still sexy, but much more toned down. We’ve even got portfolio pieces to prove it!

We also aim to keep our pricing competitive, which is why we’ll never charge you an arm and a leg for your session. We do high quality work at an affordable price, and we’re willing to do whatever we can to accommodate your needs.


When you’re looking for boudoir photography in Columbus, Ohio, look to Lucidaré Studio. We serve all northwest and central Ohio directly from our studio in Columbus, and are willing to travel to your home to conduct an in home session in a more comfortable setting.

Contact us today to schedule your surprise Columbus boudoir photography session. Reach out online or give us a call at 614.763.5001.

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