Reasons Why You Should Just Schedule a Boudoir Shoot Already

Many people send intimate photos over messaging apps such as Snapchat or WhatsApp, but why? Of course, in maintaining a long-distance relationship or seducing a significant other, sending naughty photos is fun and a great way for you and your partner to connect when you are not physically together. Maybe you don’t share photos at all but enjoy taking intimate photographs of yourself to celebrate your own body and autonomy over it.

There are a few downsides to taking intimate selfies, however, which is why if you’re constantly contorting your body to capture the perfect photo of yourself, you might want to consider enlisting the skills of a boudoir photography studio like Lucidaré Studio.

With a professional photography studio, selfie sticks and front-facing phone cameras are not needed. There are no blurry mirror reflection photos in which a smartphone drawing the eye away from more important things. With Lucidaré, you can be free to pose in whatever position you’d like without having to hold your phone out to snap a good picture of yourself. It then becomes much easier to relax and the photographer can capture a full-body shot for you.

The security associated with using a photography studio is far more superior than sending pictures over messaging applications. Data breaches are aplenty lately, and although an app may claim encrypted photo sharing, you never know if there are vulnerabilities in their application security. After all, not too long ago, a bout of celebrities had their iCloud media hacked into and stolen. If you had a professional boudoir shoot with Lucidaré Studio, your pictures are secured discretely and safely. You can rest assured that your images will only be shared if you want them to be.

Although Snapchat filters and other in-phone editing options make it easy to quickly touch up photos to save and/or send to others, it just doesn’t compare to professional editing software. Color filters from Snapchat or phone applications can significantly reduce the file quality of the photo and no phone editing app could successfully edit out an unexpected blemish or flyaway hair. Professional photo editing from Lucidaré ensures that small and necessary edits are made, but don’t reduce the quality of the photo or take away from your natural beauty.

Scheduling a shoot with a photographer can be way more fun and exciting. Our boudoir photography studio prides itself not only in professionalism, but also in compassion and comfort. It’s easy to feel at home and relaxed with our photographer and makeup artist. By the end of the shoot, it’ll feel like you’re hanging out with your best friends. Instead of posing alone at home, you can pose with an audience who will help you find your sexiest angle and bring out the best in you for the best images.

Drop Snapchat and other photo sharing applications for your intimate portraits. Contact Lucidaré Studio in Columbus, Ohio at 614-763-5001, or email Melissa at msmith@lucidarestudio.com to schedule your boudoir photography shoot for a stock of your own intimate and exciting photos.

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