Preparing Your Company & Employees for Your Corporate Photography Session

Every business needs high-quality images for marketing and promotional use. While stock photos will work, using them is not a long-term sustainable practice. To truly highlight your company and the products and services you provide, it’s essential to have a professional corporate photographer to capture the essence of your business and employees.

To get the most out of your corporate photography session, Lucidaré Studio has five handy tips to help you prepare.

1. Notify Your Employees

You wouldn’t want someone to spring a surprise photoshoot on you, so don’t do it to your employees. Give your company personnel adequate notice so that they may prepare themselves to be photographed. You want your staff looking their best so that your corporate images come out great! Letting them know what day and time helps them plan accordingly with their meetings and their physical appearance.

2. Clean Up the Office

Not everyone is a clean freak! Sometimes desks get a little messy when the workload is heavy, but be sure that you and your employees tidy up. A deep clean isn’t necessarily needed, but a quick organization and clean up will help your company’s work space look more professional.

It also helps you get the most out of your time when the photographer is there. It would be a waste of time you booked if for every shot, something in the background had to be cleaned up, thrown away, or organized.

3. Act Natural

You’re trying to put your best foot forward, but don’t hide who you truly are. The best corporate photography images are the ones in which everyone is comfortable and enjoying their work. Forcing poses and activities from your employees will be obvious in the final images. Allow the photographer to capture your company’s authenticity and the organic work process of you and your staff. The photos will help your business come across as genuine.

4. Don’t Disrupt Important Business

While letting the photographer capture images of staff-only meetings is perfectly fine and great for final images, don’t let meetings with clients or customers make their way into the shoot.

Be sure to schedule meetings with clients either in a private part of the office or at a different time of the day if you can’t avoid meeting with them on the same day of the shoot.

5. Communicate Your Needs With Your Photographer

This is easily the most important part of the entire process. Letting your corporate photographer know what kind of images you need will help them understand what you want out of the photography session.

Are you looking for photos to replace the stock images you have on your website and social media feeds? Possibly you need photos of the products and services you offer to your clientele. Maybe your “About Us” or “Meet the Team” website pages are lacking in photos and it would benefit your business to put faces to your company name. Whatever you’re looking for, be sure to communicate that with your photographer so that they can better cater to your needs.

The best advice we can give you though, is to schedule your corporate photography session with Lucidaré Studio. We’re a full-service photography studio based in Columbus, Ohio with the equipment and experience to exceed your expectations. Whether you need to replace the stock photos you use with real company images or you have an important corporate event coming up that you need to document, Lucidaré Studio the trusted studio to turn to. Contact us today to book your session. 

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