Our Story

Melissa and Jason have collaborated together on many projects over the years while working together at Cynexis Media, based in Columbus, Ohio. Cynexis Media is a thriving, full service web design and digital development company, formed in April of 2013, and founded by Jason.

What began as small web design firm quickly morphed into a full-blown digital marketing and development agency and still includes photography and video as a primary asset to its existence. Cynexis boasts many clients including, but notwithstanding, The Ohio State University, McGraw-Hill, Rockford Homes, Trinity Homes, as well as many of Columbus top law firms.

Melissa was hired in early 2014 as Cynexis’ lead in-house and on-site photographer and was also added to its core creative/design team which includes web and graphic design. Although she was hired for her prolific visual eye and editing wizardry in regards to photography, she drew rave reviews for her web designs as well. She has over a dozen web projects in her portfolio.

Melissa’s truly unique personality allows her to quickly build a trust with any client. This will always be the definitive separation between Lucidaré and other studios. The results are astounding and the delighted reactions from client are always the reward.

"They say that ideas are born of necessity. We say concepts are honed by passion. The marriage of certain ideas and concepts, while at Cynexis Media, have allowed us the creative canvas to design Lucidaré. From the Board Room to the Boudoir Studio, our passions and ideas have culminated in a truly hybrid concept and studio."

-Jason Howard, Managing Partner

Our Team

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith

Managing Partner / Lead Photographer

Melissa was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and entered the world of professional photography and graphic design after earning her bachelor of arts from Otterbein College in 2004. High-profile assignments have included event photography at the New Albany Country Club for eight years running, photographing corporate officescapes for website design and marketing brochures with Cynexis Media, and creating a range of lifestyle portraits for businesses and individuals from all walks of life.

At Lucidaré Boudoir, Melissa does not believe in transforming a person in to a commercial lingerie model, but rather enhancing a women's natural beauty, helping them feel beautiful and sexy in their own skin, raising their confidence, and capturing this beauty through photographs to share with significant others and to remember for themselves forever.

Jason Howard

Partner / Controller

Born and raised in Columbus,Ohio, Jason currently resides in Clintonville. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Cynexis Media, a full-service web and software development company, based in Grandview Ohio, with satellite offices in Charlotte, Denver, and Indore, India. Cynexis boasts a robust creative team that handles web and graphic design, mobile applications, photography and video for all of their clients.

Relationship building, corporate strategic formation and implementation, and marketing perspective and consultation are his core competencies.

He loves his mother, his daughter, his soon to be wife, her children, family and friends, the next right thing, early mornings, summer, travel, rigorous exercise, competition, underdogs, food, frolic, and the ocean.

Caitlin Jordan

Caitlin Jordan

Makeup Artist / Content Writer / Social Media Manager

Caitlin assists in the creative marketing process in and outside of the studio, and provides flawless makeup services for Lucidaré boudoir photo shoots.

Caitlin earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Columbus College of Art & Design in Advertising and Graphic Design. In 2015 she began working for Cynexis as a Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Manager of the Social Media team. However, her creativity outlet has always been found in her passion for makeup.

Caitlin is self trained, though owes a lot of her skills to the thousands of YouTube videos she's watched over the years. You can find some of her work on her own YouTube channel where she often showcases product reviews and tutorials.

“The transformative aspect of makeup is what I enjoy most. The face is my canvas to make in to whatever the client wishes, and it’s a great way to exercise my creativity in a different way than what I regularly do digitally in graphic design.”

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