The Importance of a Professional Headshot or Lifestyle Portrait


If you want to get the part, you have to look the part. It’s been said that a resumé get’s looked at no more than thirty seconds before a company decides they’re going to ditch it or bring you in for an interview.

With today’s society being more technological and eco-friendly than ever before, we have turned more to LinkedIn for employment recruiting. This is a professional online profile where we can establish connections, network ourselves and engage in personal conversation. But, what’s the first thing you’re drawn to on someone’s profile? Their profile picture. Do you think a company is going to choose someone who has a cropped picture of themselves from a social event or while on vacation; or someone with a professional headshot that is willing to take their job seriously. Nine times out ten they’re probably going to go for the person that could be a potential face of their company. The way you present yourself through online profiles will most likely have a lasting impression and influence in your professional opportunities.

Anyone can snap a phone pic, but only a professional photographer knows the secrets of bringing out a subject’s natural essence and appeal on film. Columbus Ohio portrait photography studio, Lucidaré, truly lives up to its Italian namesake by putting the shine and gloss on personal portraits and headshots. Owner and Lead Photographer, Melissa Smith, has the equipment and skills necessary to ensure that your pictures show the best you to the world.

Lucidaré serves all of northwest and central Ohio from our portrait studio in Columbus. We can also conduct photo sessions at your business, your home or outdoors. Whether you need a profile picture for your corporate website, just the right look for social media accounts, a commemorative photograph of a signature accomplishment or a headshot for networking and entertainment booking purposes, we can deliver.

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