How to Style Your Hair for Your Headshot

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already scheduled a headshot session to get the best professional pictures with Lucidaré Studio. Your main concern, however, is how to wear your hair. There’s no hiding it; hats are unprofessional, and unless you wear a head covering for religious reasons, your hair is going to be in the photo.

For some people, this means rolling out of bed, giving it a touch-up, and then going on their merry way. For others, frizziness and uncooperative locks can result in some anxiety about getting their professional headshot done. After all, you are paying for a photographer to capture your best professional self, and you don’t want your images to be mired by a bad hair day.

Lucidaré Studio, a professional headshot photography studio, has some guidelines for styling your hair for your headshot.

First, if you have a fade cut that’s longer on the top, make sure to style the top. Not only does it bring a much more polished and serious professional look, but it will keep strands out of your eyes so that you may connect with the camera.

For those with long, luscious locks, be very sure that you don’t have a lot of split ends or frizziness. If you wake up the day of the shoot and see that it’s humid or rainy, you might be better off pulling your hair back into a bun or braid to ward off having frizzy flyaways.

If you have mid-length hair, it’s a little tougher to decide how you should style your hair for your headshot. It may not be long enough to all fit in a ponytail or bun without the help of your entire stash of bobby pins, but it may not be short enough to slick back with styling cream. Sometimes, doing your hair in a middle-of-the-road style is the way to go. Pinning the side strands of your hair back will give you a polished look, and it’s easy to fix if it gets a little crooked during the shoot.

As far as funky hairstyles go, if you don’t want your headshot to feature a shaved undercut or side cut, just ask your photographer if there’s anyway you could turn that side away from the camera. On the other hand, there are plenty of professions that don’t require straight-edge hairstyles, and showing your personalityshaved head and allcould help you rather than hurt you.

Whatever your hair length, style, or color, the most important thing is that you are presenting your best self in your headshot images. Society has progressed to where hair colors and styles aren’t so important as work ethic and experience are when it comes to job hunting. The most important thing is that you’re professional and it’s coming across in your final headshot images.

If you’re searching for a professional headshot photography studio, then look no further. Lucidare Studio is a full-service photography studio that specializes in professional headshots. Our work has helped many clients present their most professional self on job hunting and networking sites such as LinkedIn. Our goal is to showcase your best self for the best first impression. Contact us today to book a headshot photography session.

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