How to Choose a Corporate Photographer in Columbus, Ohio

An important event is coming up for your company or business and you need to hire a corporate photographer to capture the networking and fun, mixed with a little bit of business. Everyone needs to be involved in the event, so you can’t ask someone in the company to do it, but the event is too crucial to reach out to a friend whose hobby is amateur photography.

Maybe your company has been relying on stock photography to fill out its website or use as marketing materials, so you can’t use low-quality photos, as it would be unprofessional and potentially hurt your business. It would be much easier to hire a corporate photographer in Columbus, Ohio to shoot photos.

Hiring a corporate photographer in Columbus, Ohio can be tricky business, as a quick Google search will be flooded with results. But Lucidaré Studio has a guide to choosing the right corporate photographer for your company’s needs.

Peruse the Portfolio

All professional photographers should have an online portfolio for potential clients to peruse when deciding on a corporate photographer. If the studio does not have a portfolio—or has an extremely unorganized portfolio—skip over them and look at the next option.

If a photographer has an online portfolio to look through, make sure their style and examples are what you are looking for. If they exclusively showcase pet portraits, high school senior photos, or food photography, that particular studio might not be able to deliver what you need.

Location, Location, Location

It’s important that your photographer is experienced in on-location shooting. There is a significant difference between shooting in a studio with controlled lighting and a simple backdrop and shooting in changing lighting or low-lighting, with a variety of people or objects in the background.

If you find a photographer that is only experienced in studio photography, then they probably will not be the right corporate photographer for your event or specific needs.

Visible Variety

Once you narrow your search of corporate photographers, look over their corporate photography examples. There should be a variety of photos from events or office and building images.

If they had photographed an event recently, there should be a good mix of photos of centerpieces, decorations, one-person photos, couples, and groups. Most companies would like to be able to look back on all aspects of the event.


If you are looking for a corporate photographer in Columbus, Ohio for your events or want to stop relying on stock photography, contact Lucidaré Studio. We are a professional and experienced corporate photography studio. Whether you are a small business in need of professional photos, or a company with an important event coming up, Lucidaré has the tools and expertise to deliver high-quality photos.  


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