Headshot Photography for Medical Professionals

When you’re a working professional, a headshot is incredibly important. It’s often the first impression you’ll make on someone online – and that first impression can dictate your success on certain endeavors.

However, when you’re a medical professional your headshot is even more important. This is because you’re in a field where you’ll be caring for people and taking their health into your hands. This is a very serious responsibility, which is why most individuals do thorough research before committing to any type of medical professional.

Where does that research start? In the modern world, it will start online.

Potential patients will search for your private practice or for your hospital, and they’ll expect to be able to see who it is they may be trusting with their well-being. If you’re fresh out of schooling or looking for a job change, you can bet that your potential employers will also be searching for you online. That’s where your professional headshot comes in to play.

At Lucidaré Studio, a studio specializing in headshot photography in Columbus, Ohio, we can deliver the headshot image you need to set you apart from your colleagues and appeal to your patients.

Unlike other photography studios, we don’t offer one size fits all solutions. Every individual is just that, an individual, so we take special care to ensure we address all of your needs and concerns specifically. Whether you need wardrobe advice, are looking for professional makeup application, or are hoping for an array of poses and looks – we can accommodate.

Every image we deliver is professionally retouched to eliminate blemishes and other imperfections, but we never over edit to the point where you don’t look like yourself. We always strive to bring out our client’s natural essence, so you will always look your best, but always look like you.

Schedule Your Professional Headshot at Lucidaré Studio

If you’re a medical professional looking for headshots in Columbus, Ohio, Lucidaré Studio is here to serve you. We service all of northwest and central Ohio from our portrait photography studio centrally located in Columbus, more specifically the ever-popular town of Grandview Heights. We can come to your office, your home, or take your headshot in our professional studio to capture the look you’re going for.

Visit our website to see our headshot portfolio, read more about our services, and to submit a request for a headshot session. You can also give us a call at (614) 763-5001 to speak with our lead photographer and owner, Melissa, and she can answer any questions you may have or schedule your session over the phone.


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