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09 Oct 2017

Preparing Your Workspace for a Corporate Photography Shoot

If you’re a local business looking to succeed, odds are you’re in need of corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio. Utilizing personalized corporate images over generic stock photos on your website, in social media posts, and in print can help catapult you over your competitors. So, when you’ve scheduled your corporate photo session, you’re probably wondering how you should prepare. Do you need to hire a cleaning crew to come in and make the office or workspace spotless? Will you need […]

08 Sep 2017

Why Shouldn’t I Shoot My Own Corporate Photography?

Nowadays everyone is a photographer. Armed with the latest smartphone, many people simply throw a filter on a mediocre image and call it successful if it gets a decent amount of Instagram likes. However, just because you can take a decent image doesn’t mean you should, especially when your business is concerned. Here’s why you should leave your corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, to a professional: They have the needed skillset. A trained corporate photographer will have the knowledge and […]

10 Aug 2017

4 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire a Corporate Photographer

Image is everything when it comes to your business, and in the age of social media it’s more important than ever. Not only what you say but how you look online can make or break your business – so ensuring you’re using relative, high quality images online and in print is a must. However, many businesses rely heavily on stock imagery. While stock photography is a great tool to have in your tool box, you should avoid depending on stock […]

12 Jul 2017

What to Expect During a Corporate Photography Shoot with Lucidaré Studio

When you decide to schedule corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, with Lucidaré Studio, you’re probably curious about what you can expect. Will the shoot take long? Will my employees need to stop working? Will I have to be available throughout the shoot? If you’re asking yourself some of these questions, this is the blog post for you. We’re covering in depth what you can expect during your corporate photography shoot. After your initial inquiry, our lead photographer, Melissa, will reach […]

27 Apr 2017

How to Benefit Your Business with Corporate Photography in Columbus, Ohio

No matter if you’re a well-established business or one that is brand new, the imagery you show to the world is just as important as the written words you’re putting forth. After all, most people are highly visual, so seeing aesthetically pleasing images that align to your brand and send out the appropriate message can do wonders for your website traffic. Why corporate photography? Tasking a corporate photographer to shoot high quality, professional images is an investment. However, it’s an […]

29 Mar 2017

On Location or In the Studio: Where’s Best for Headshots in Columbus?

If you’re a business professional (or on your way to being one), you need a headshot. A professional headshot is the icing on the cake when it comes to your social media profiles, business or personal website, and resumé. But, when it comes to your headshot, where should you have it taken? At Lucidaré Studio, we offer headshot and portrait photography sessions in our studio, on location, or outdoors. To determine which location is best for your needs, we’ve put […]

28 Feb 2017

How to Use Corporate Photography for Marketing

When it comes to your business’ image, photography can have a big impact. Today’s potential clients and customers are looking more than ever to get a behind the scenes, in depth look at your company before even setting foot in the door. They want to know who you are and what you’re about from an outsider’s perspective, so they can evaluate whether you will be valuable to them prior to making initial contact. Don’t leave yourself out of the running, […]

24 Jan 2017

The Different Types of Corporate Photography and How They Impact Your Business

It’s no doubt that our world is becoming more technological every day. This increase in day-to-day tech isn’t only affecting our personal lives, but our professional lives as well. This means if you’re a business, you need to be online. Whether it’s a website or social media profile (preferably both), users need to be able to find you with the simple click of a button – don’t you want to make the best impression possible when they do? To make […]

19 Sep 2016

The Importance of a Professional Headshot or Lifestyle Portrait

If you want to get the part, you have to look the part. It’s been said that a resumé get’s looked at no more than thirty seconds before a company decides they’re going to ditch it or bring you in for an interview. With today’s society being more technological and eco-friendly than ever before, we have turned more to LinkedIn for employment recruiting. This is a professional online profile where we can establish connections, network ourselves and engage in personal […]

15 Sep 2016

Why Choose Corporate Photography?

In today’s society people are attracted to things that are visually appealing. Showcasing and marketing your business is what’s going to set you apart from your competitors. Digital media outlets could set the tone for your company in several different ways. By providing visuals with your company’s website you’re displaying how you want your business to be perceived. For example, business professional VS. casual and laid back. Content with images get 94% more total views. This is because we are […]