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18 Jun 2018

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot Based on Your Personality Type

“Lingerie” is a word people most associate with frilly and lacy tops accompanied normally by a T-back pair of panties. But, lingerie isn’t limited to one type of outfit. A lingerie outfit could be a simple T-shirt or comfy sweater paired with a modest, but still sexy, pair of cheeky panties. It could be a lace bralette with a matching pair of underwear with lace trim. Maybe lingerie is nothing but a great pair of heels and a bold statement […]

17 May 2018

Curating the Perfect Playlist for Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir shoots are fun and exciting experiences that puts you in front of a camera to show off your sexual desires and natural allure. During the shoot, it’s crucial to have the right atmosphere to get you in the mood for posing and make you feel sexy and beautiful. One simple way to do this is curating a playlist to listen to during the shoot. Everyone has different tastes in music and ideas of what kinds of songs get them […]

07 May 2018

Find Inspiration for Your Boudoir Shoot

If you’ve scheduled a boudoir photo shoot session with Lucidare Studio, you might be wondering what poses, lingerie, shoes, and jewelry you want for your photos. You’re a unique individual and your images should reflect that, so it’s important that you plan accordingly. Sometimes it’s hard to find inspiration for what you want for your photography session with a boudoir studio, especially if you haven’t seen photos from a session or you’re not sure what you want out of it. […]

24 Apr 2018

Reasons Why You Should Just Schedule a Boudoir Shoot Already

Many people send intimate photos over messaging apps such as Snapchat or WhatsApp, but why? Of course, in maintaining a long-distance relationship or seducing a significant other, sending naughty photos is fun and a great way for you and your partner to connect when you are not physically together. Maybe you don’t share photos at all but enjoy taking intimate photographs of yourself to celebrate your own body and autonomy over it. There are a few downsides to taking intimate […]

18 Apr 2018

What to Discuss With Your Boudoir Photographer to Get the Most Out of Your Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir photography is a chance for the subject to open themselves up to a camera lens and let the photographer capture inner beauty and desire. The key to achieving a great boudoir photo shoot is a trust between the photographer and the model. If you can’t trust your photographer, how are you going to feel comfortable receiving direction and suggestions during your shoot? This will lead to unsatisfactory results and an overall poor experience. To prevent unsavory feelings and a […]

05 Mar 2018

Treating Yourself to Boudoir Photography in Columbus

Boudoir photography is often looked at as a gift intended for someone special, most likely a significant other of some sort. But, just because boudoir photos are often given as a gift doesn’t mean they can only be gifted to another person. It is not only perfectly acceptable but a fantastic idea to give boudoir photos to yourself. Really, at the end of the day the photos will just be the icing on the cake. The actual gift will be […]

06 Feb 2018

Should I Keep My Boudoir Photography Session a Secret?

If you’ve scheduled a boudoir photography session as a gift for a special someone, you may be wondering if you should tell them about it. After all, they won’t see the final product until a couple of weeks after your session, so is telling them really a big deal? At Lucidaré Studio, a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, we love when our clients surprise their significant others with boudoir photos. It not only makes gifting the images more fun for […]

30 Jan 2018

5 Tips for Your Boudoir Photography Session

If you’ve never had a boudoir session, you may not know exactly how to prepare. Not to worry! Lucidaré Studio, a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, has prepared five important tips so you’ll be sure to be ready for your boudoir session. 1. Don’t Get a Spray Tan No matter what you think or feel about tanned skin, absolutely do not get a spray tan before your boudoir session. Spray tans rarely photograph nicely, and often cling to dry patches […]

18 Dec 2017

Scheduling a Boudoir Session for Your Significant Other

When it comes to boudoir sessions, typically the person who is having the photos taken of themselves is the one to set up and orchestrate it. Usually they’re booking their own photo session as a gift for their spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend. However, a fun way to switch it up is to gift the session to your special someone. Perhaps your wife or girlfriend has always wanted to take boudoir photos but never could quite take the plunge. Take it […]

02 Dec 2017

Treat Your Special Someone with Boudoir This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping for your special someone can be a bit of a daunting task. Perhaps they’re incredibly picky, maybe they already have EVERYTHING and you can’t think of just the perfect gift. No matter who you’re shopping for, there is one gift that is sure to please no matter what. The gift of you. How? With boudoir photography in Columbus, Ohio. You are one of the most important people in your significant other’s life, and no matter if you’re married, […]