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13 Jun 2017

The Boudoir Photography Process at Lucidaré Studio

If you’ve recently booked a boudoir photography session with us, you may be a bit curious about our process and what you can expect. While our lead photographer, Melissa, will have an in-depth phone conversation with you about your shoot prior to your scheduled date, we understand it’s nice to have something you can reference whenever you need to. Here’s how our boudoir shoots typically go: On the day of your shoot, we ask that you arrive around 10 minutes […]

06 Jun 2017

5 Reasons Why Moms Should Have a Boudoir Photo Shoot

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be easy to put yourself last. With your children, significant other, and other family and friends at the forefront of your mind, treating yourself isn’t always something you think about. Most of us may think ‘treating ourselves’ is as simple as indulging in a glass of wine or slice of cake. While that can certainly be true, treating yourself to a boudoir session will be rewarding for years to come […]

11 May 2017

Tips for an Excellent Bridal Boudoir Photography Session

It’s customary to give a gift to your future spouse on the day of your wedding, and figuring out just the perfect gift can be tricky. Most likely you’ll want it to be something a little fun, a little flirty, and mostly something that will peak their interest. What could you gift them that falls into all three of those requirements? Bridal boudoir. Slipping your S.O. an album full of sexy, scantily clad images of you on your big day […]

19 Apr 2017

Showcasing Your Natural Beauty through Boudoir Photography

  At Lucidaré Studio we aim to capture your natural beauty. We strongly believe that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, and that is what we strive to reveal during every session. However, we don’t believe in over editing photos or applying heavy makeup that makes you appear in a way that isn’t true to you. This can’t be said of most boudoir photography studios in Ohio, and this is what sets us apart. When you book […]

15 Mar 2017

Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography

As a woman in today’s society, self-confidence isn’t a given. We’re constantly bombarded by imagery of gorgeous, rail thin ladies and made to believe that’s the standard of beauty. If you don’t look like a model, you can’t be beautiful. At Lucidaré, a Columbus boudoir photography studio, we can’t stress enough how untrue this is. No matter your shape, no matter your size – you are beautiful just as you are. Sure, it’s easy enough to be told you’re beautiful, […]

21 Feb 2017

Things to Wear During Your Boudoir Photo Shoot- that Isn’t Lingerie

As humans, we’re complex individuals. All with different tastes and preferences. As women, our preferences are even more complex – especially when we’re talking boudoir photography. When it comes to boudoir, women typically either love it or hate it. The women who tend to dislike boudoir have either:     Never had a shoot;     Had a bad experience during a shoot; or     Aren’t the type to wear lingerie or pose nude. If you fall into the latter, don’t worry! You can still […]

13 Feb 2017

In-Home Boudoir Sessions

Is an In-Home Boudoir Session Right for You? When you think of having a boudoir session, you probably imagine it will take place in a photographer’s studio. The idea of having photos taken of you in your underwear in an unfamiliar place can make even the bravest women a little hesitant, and at Lucidaré Studio we recognize that. We always try to accommodate our clients and have their comfort as our top priority, which is why we offer boudoir photography […]

06 Feb 2017

Our Top Tips for Being Comfortable in Front of the Camera

Most women don’t feel ‘at home’ in front of a camera. Throw in the fact you’re in front of a camera in your underwear and you’ve got a combination that would make even the most outgoing person a little uncomfortable. But just because the idea of a boudoir shoot makes you a little nervous doesn’t mean you can’t have one. A bedroom photography session is attainable for everyone, no matter how shy you may be. Here’s our top tips on […]

19 Jan 2017
boudoir photography Columbus OH

Boudoir Photography Makes the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Any (and Every) Year!

Boudoir photography is incredibly popular amongst brides right now, but boudoir photos aren’t limited to the freshly engaged. Boudoir shots can be taken at any stage during your life, marriage, or partnership. Women in their fifties take just as glamorous shots as those in their twenties, just as curvy women take as gorgeous shots as women who are rail thin. No matter your shape, size, or age, boudoir photography is for everyone. Having a boudoir session is a fantastic way […]

27 Dec 2016

Top Reasons to Choose Bridal Boudoir

Is Bridal Boudoir Photography Right for You? Boudoir photography has gained popularity in recent years, and if you asked around within your friends and family, it would be unlikely that no one had had a boudoir session – or at the very least know someone who has done boudoir. While boudoir in general has become more commonplace, bridal boudoir photography isn’t far behind. Many soon-to-be-brides are taking sexy shots to gift to their significant other on their big day, and […]