Boudoir Photography Makes the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Any (and Every) Year!

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Boudoir photography is incredibly popular amongst brides right now, but boudoir photos aren’t limited to the freshly engaged.

Boudoir shots can be taken at any stage during your life, marriage, or partnership. Women in their fifties take just as glamorous shots as those in their twenties, just as curvy women take as gorgeous shots as women who are rail thin. No matter your shape, size, or age, boudoir photography is for everyone.

Having a boudoir session is a fantastic way to give yourself a confidence boost. You may not believe it, but posing in front of the camera baring your all can bring out a side of yourself you never knew existed.

Why not let the one person who loves you unconditionally get a glimpse of that side?

While you can certainly gift your partner boudoir photos on the morning of or night before your wedding, saving those images for your first anniversary is a wonderful idea. Traditionally you’re to give gifts of paper on your first wedding anniversary, and delivering your spouse a beautifully bound book of jaw dropping images will be an unexpected but all too welcomed surprise.

If you’d like to think long term, you can gift boudoir for all of your significant anniversary dates. You can choose to take dozens of shots all at once and disperse them over the years, or you can go back time and time again to take updated shots.

Both methods have their benefits – taking all the shots at once helps you commemorate your body at that time, say, right before the two of you were married. It will serve as a reminder of the woman your spouse fell in love with, and be something they can look back on as the two of you grow old.

Taking them over time allows you to document your body as the two of you grow together. Not only your partner, but you will be able to see how you’ve changed throughout your years. You’ll be documenting the marks left behind from carrying your children or from other important life events, and that’s a gift you can’t put a price tag on.

No matter if you choose to take all your shots in the same day or once every couple of years, you can theme them to match with the anniversary you’re gifting them for. Here are some great ideas for significant anniversary dates:

1st anniversary: paper

You can keep it simple with a bound book, a framed photo, or a life size printout you can hang in your bedroom.

5th anniversary: wood

Have a custom chest created for your spouse and tuck away your photos inside. You could also have a jewelry or music box made that when it’s opened displays a gorgeous shot of you.

10th anniversary: diamonds

Plan to have at least one or two shots taken of you doused in diamonds (even if they’re faux) and gift the images in a ritzy frame or decorated box.

15th anniversary onward

From the 15th anniversary onward, the traditional gifts are typically some type of precious metal or gemstone, like silver, platinum, and pearls. You could wear the respective gift in each photo, or pair some sexy images with a separate gift themed for the occasion.


If you’re looking for boudoir photography in Columbus, Ohio, look to Lucidaré Studio. We serve all of northwest and central Ohio, and would be thrilled to bring your sensual side to light. We strive to make your experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, and by the time you leave your session, you’ll feel like a natural born model.

Contact us today to schedule your boudoir session, you can connect with us online or give us a call at (614) 763-5001

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