Boudoir Photography as Art

When you look at art what do you see? Sometimes it’s straightforward and to the point. Other times you have to look deeper into it, uncover its layers. Many read between the lines. You create your own image of what the artist was thinking and the message they’re trying to send. Our bodies do the same. They are our canvas.

Since the beginning of time women have displayed their bodies as a form of art. The photos included are a few images of how it has evolved over the centuries. Each picture is one in the same, yet completely different.

Our bodies are a depiction of what we’ve been through. Each mark tells a story. You might be embarrassed of the stretch marks on your stomach or hips that you just can’t seem to get rid of. If only people knew that stretch mark is a result of the 15 hours you spent in labor to give birth to your sweet baby. Or maybe, it’s because you had a little too much fun in college during happy hour and haven’t been able to work it off since. Whatever the reason may be, it says something personal about you. That scar on your breast isn’t a sign of struggle but the strength and fight you put up during a hard time. These aren’t things to be ashamed of but rather something that should be embraced.

It should be a daily reminder that you are unique and you are beautiful!

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