5 Tips for Your Boudoir Photography Session

If you’ve never had a boudoir session, you may not know exactly how to prepare. Not to worry! Lucidaré Studio, a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, has prepared five important tips so you’ll be sure to be ready for your boudoir session.

1. Don’t Get a Spray Tan

No matter what you think or feel about tanned skin, absolutely do not get a spray tan before your boudoir session. Spray tans rarely photograph nicely, and often cling to dry patches of skin – like your wrists, elbows, knees, and the bottoms of your feet.

Your natural skin tone will always photograph the best, no matter if you think you’re too fair.

2. Get Plenty of Rest

Yes, concealer is a god send, but it can’t cover up a lack of sleep perfectly. Dark circles will still be visible, and even if they’re able to be covered your under-eye area will look heavy and cakey. Not being rested will also affect your performance during the shoot – it’s hard to not look tired when you’re exhausted, and your images will reflect that.

3. Drink Lots of Water

Water does great things for your body – everyone knows that. It helps plump the skin, decreasing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and under-eye circles or bags; it brightens your complexion; and helps you feel more alert and energetic.

Drink a LOT of water in the days leading up to your shoot, and your skin will thank you.

4. Wear Loose Clothing

Avoid wearing tight clothing on the day of your boudoir shoot, as it will leave lines and creases in your skin. You won’t want those marks to show up in your images, and they can take a long time to fade, so be proactive and wear a loose shirt, sweatpants or shorts, and go without the bra!

5. Relax and Have Fun!

We completely understand being nervous is natural, and that’s expected. But, the most important tip we can give is to have fun during your shoot. If you have a positive attitude and are willing to let loose and have a good time, your final images will be all the better.


When you’re looking for boudoir photography in Columbus, look to Lucidaré Studio. We are a boudoir studio located in Grandview, Ohio, and we serve all of northwest and Central Ohio. We’re also more than happy to travel to your residence to do a private session in your home.

Reach out online or give us a call at 614-763-5001 to schedule your session. If you have any questions – feel free to ask! We’re always willing to have pre-scheduling conversations to ensure we’re the right fit for all of our clients.

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