5 Makeup Tips for your Boudoir Photography Session at Lucidaré Studio

At Lucidaré Studio in Columbus, Ohio, we aim to capture our clients’ natural beauty in every boudoir session.

Because of this, we offer hair and makeup services to all our boudoir clients to help enhance your features and make them pop on camera. However, some clients are more comfortable doing their own makeup at home. For those of you who fall into that category, we have some tips:

1. Use Primer.

Using a makeup primer before applying your foundation and concealer will help your face makeup lay more naturally and last longer on your face. It will blend more easily into your skin, and you’ll find the primer will help fill in pores and fine lines – creating a smooth surface for you to work on.

If you have dry skin, opt for a hydrating primer; if you have oily skin, go for a mattifying primer. If you suffer from discoloration, there are a variety of color correcting primers you could choose from to give you a boost. For example, if you suffer from redness a green primer will neutralize the red color; if you have dull or lifeless skin a purple primer will brighten.

2. Match your base correctly.

There’s nothing worse than face makeup that doesn’t match your body color, so be sure to take care and match your base makeup to your skin tone. A simple method is to match your makeup to your neck, rather than your face. Often our faces are paler than the rest of our bodies because of SPF found in many makeup products.

A quick tip on SPF: while it’s great for everyday use, it’s not great for your boudoir session. SPF can create a white cast over your skin in flash photography, and you don’t want to risk looking washed out in your final images.

3. Keep a light hand.

The adage ‘less is more’ couldn’t be truer when it comes to the makeup you’ll wear during your boudoir shoot. You wouldn’t typically wear a fully and heavy face of makeup in the bedroom, so you shouldn’t for your shoot.

Aim for a subtle, natural smoky eye comprised of soft browns or another neutral color. Focus the darkest color on the outer ‘V’ shape of your eye, and be sure to add in a light highlighting shade to your inner corners and brow bone.

On your face, add a bit of bronzer to liven up your skin. Pop some blush on the apples of your cheeks to awaken your complexion, and go for a nude, glossy lip to look kissable.

4. Enhance your lashes in a natural way.

While mascara is certainly a must, false lashes don’t always suit everyone. If you feel you won’t look your best without an added boost, choose a pair of strip lashes that are natural and wispy. If you’re able to find some, using a pair with a clear lash band will blend more easily with your natural lashes, and won’t create as much of a heavy look.

5. Powder, powder, powder.

Did we say powder? Even the driest skin can look shiny on camera, so be sure you apply a good dusting of translucent powder all over your face to not only set your makeup, but keep oil at bay. Bring your powder along with you to your shoot so you can touch up/be touched up in case any shine breaks through.

If you’re interested in boudoir photography in the Columbus area, Lucidaré Studio is the place for you. We’re a boudoir photography studio based in Ohio, and we would love to capture your natural beauty.

Contact us today to schedule your boudoir session. Reach out online or give us a call at (614) 763-5001

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