Monthly Archives: February 2018

28 Feb 2018

What Sets Lucidaré Studio Apart from Other Headshot Studios

If you do a Google search for ‘professional headshots Columbus, Ohio’, you’re going to be flooded with results. With so many options to choose from, how do you know you’re really getting the best quality headshot image for the best price? It’s simple: choose Lucidaré Studio. At Lucidaré we pride ourselves on delivering expertly shot and refined headshot images for every client. No matter if you’re already a working professional or are just starting your job search, we treat everyone […]

20 Feb 2018

Why You Should Document Events with Corporate Photography

When your business holds an event, how are you documenting it? Do you take photos? Write up a press release or newsletter? Send out a social media post? Do nothing at all? At Lucidaré Studio, a photography studio specializing in corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, we strongly encourage all business owners to document every corporate event with photography. No matter how big or small, formal or casual the event is, photographs are always essential to have. Here’s why: You can […]

06 Feb 2018

Should I Keep My Boudoir Photography Session a Secret?

If you’ve scheduled a boudoir photography session as a gift for a special someone, you may be wondering if you should tell them about it. After all, they won’t see the final product until a couple of weeks after your session, so is telling them really a big deal? At Lucidaré Studio, a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, we love when our clients surprise their significant others with boudoir photos. It not only makes gifting the images more fun for […]