Monthly Archives: November 2017

26 Nov 2017

Headshot Photography for Medical Professionals

When you’re a working professional, a headshot is incredibly important. It’s often the first impression you’ll make on someone online – and that first impression can dictate your success on certain endeavors. However, when you’re a medical professional your headshot is even more important. This is because you’re in a field where you’ll be caring for people and taking their health into your hands. This is a very serious responsibility, which is why most individuals do thorough research before committing […]

13 Nov 2017

How Often Should I Have a Boudoir Shoot

You may think once you have a boudoir shoot that’s it. You’ve done it once, now it’s over. But, your boudoir session doesn’t have to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. There are many reasons to have multiple boudoir shoots throughout your lifetime, whether it’s once a year, every few years, or a random one off session you schedule on a whim. Doing an annual boudoir session is not only a great gift for a special someone’s birthday, an anniversary, […]