Monthly Archives: September 2017

26 Sep 2017

Will My Boudoir Images Appear on the Internet?

If you’re considering scheduling a boudoir session with a boudoir photography studio in Ohio, you may be hesitant because you fear your images will be shared online. Perhaps you’re in a professional industry and boudoir images could impact your work, maybe you’re incredibly modest and only want the images to be seen by your partner. Whatever the case may be, at Lucidaré Studio we understand not everyone wants their boudoir shots out in the open for anyone to stumble across. […]

12 Sep 2017

Why Should You Choose Lucidaré Studio for Your Professional Headshots in Columbus, Ohio

If you do a Google search looking for ‘portrait photography in Columbus, Ohio’, you’re going to find a lot of results. This is because professional headshots are a must in today’s online world, so there are many photography studios and independent photographers who see this need as an opportunity to make a profit and sustain a business. However, you can’t simply choose anyone you find on the Google results page. You need to make sure you do careful research to […]

08 Sep 2017

Why Shouldn’t I Shoot My Own Corporate Photography?

Nowadays everyone is a photographer. Armed with the latest smartphone, many people simply throw a filter on a mediocre image and call it successful if it gets a decent amount of Instagram likes. However, just because you can take a decent image doesn’t mean you should, especially when your business is concerned. Here’s why you should leave your corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, to a professional: They have the needed skillset. A trained corporate photographer will have the knowledge and […]

01 Sep 2017

When is the Right Time for a Boudoir Photography Shoot?

As women, we can make up excuses for just about anything. I’ll buy new jeans when I lose 15 pounds. Once I tone my arms I’ll start wearing sleeveless tops. I’ll start exercising again, tomorrow. I’ll start liking myself in photographs once I lose this baby weight. At Lucidaré Studio, we don’t believe in excuses. We fully believe everyone should live in the now, no matter where you’re at with your fitness, weight, or beauty goals. So, when asked the […]