Monthly Archives: July 2017

27 Jul 2017

Tips for Successful Attorney Headshots in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re an attorney, you need a headshot. When potential clients are researching your law firm, they’ll be looking for a face to tie to the name, and if they can’t find one they may look elsewhere. However, getting a headshot taken as an attorney can be a bit challenging. Do you dress like you’re going to court? Do you look relaxed, tough, stoic? At Lucidaré Studio, we’ve taken a variety of attorney headshots and have gathered some useful tips […]

18 Jul 2017

5 Makeup Tips for your Boudoir Photography Session at Lucidaré Studio

At Lucidaré Studio in Columbus, Ohio, we aim to capture our clients’ natural beauty in every boudoir session. Because of this, we offer hair and makeup services to all our boudoir clients to help enhance your features and make them pop on camera. However, some clients are more comfortable doing their own makeup at home. For those of you who fall into that category, we have some tips: 1. Use Primer. Using a makeup primer before applying your foundation and […]

12 Jul 2017

What to Expect During a Corporate Photography Shoot with Lucidaré Studio

When you decide to schedule corporate photography in Columbus, Ohio, with Lucidaré Studio, you’re probably curious about what you can expect. Will the shoot take long? Will my employees need to stop working? Will I have to be available throughout the shoot? If you’re asking yourself some of these questions, this is the blog post for you. We’re covering in depth what you can expect during your corporate photography shoot. After your initial inquiry, our lead photographer, Melissa, will reach […]