Monthly Archives: April 2017

27 Apr 2017

How to Benefit Your Business with Corporate Photography in Columbus, Ohio

No matter if you’re a well-established business or one that is brand new, the imagery you show to the world is just as important as the written words you’re putting forth. After all, most people are highly visual, so seeing aesthetically pleasing images that align to your brand and send out the appropriate message can do wonders for your website traffic. Why corporate photography? Tasking a corporate photographer to shoot high quality, professional images is an investment. However, it’s an […]

19 Apr 2017

Showcasing Your Natural Beauty through Boudoir Photography

  At Lucidaré Studio we aim to capture your natural beauty. We strongly believe that every woman is beautiful in her own unique way, and that is what we strive to reveal during every session. However, we don’t believe in over editing photos or applying heavy makeup that makes you appear in a way that isn’t true to you. This can’t be said of most boudoir photography studios in Ohio, and this is what sets us apart. When you book […]

07 Apr 2017

The Meaning Behind The Name: Lucidaré

Pronounced: lu-chi-da-ray While your services as a business are incredibly important, the name and meaning behind your business is just as important. Your name represents who you are and your mission as a brand, and not having a name worthy of your customer’s business can be a serious problem. At Lucidaré Studio, we take this seriously. Our name, Lucidaré, is Italian in its origin, and means ‘to polish’. We chose this name because polishing is exactly what we do when […]