Why Should You Choose Lucidaré Studio for Your Professional Headshots in Columbus, Ohio

If you do a Google search looking for ‘portrait photography in Columbus, Ohio’, you’re going to find a lot of results.

This is because professional headshots are a must in today’s online world, so there are many photography studios and independent photographers who see this need as an opportunity to make a profit and sustain a business.

However, you can’t simply choose anyone you find on the Google results page. You need to make sure you do careful research to ensure the individual who will be taking your headshot has the chops to do so. Otherwise, you could easily waste your money.

Here’s why you should entrust Lucidaré Studio to take your professional headshots:

We’re Practiced

Lead photographer and Managing Partner, Melissa Smith, has been practicing photography for years. Not only did she study it intently during her college career, but she was employed as a photographer for many years before branching off and starting Lucidaré Studio. She has shot hundred of headshots over the years, in both professional and relaxed settings, so she has the experience and expertise to capture your perfect headshot.

We’re Communicative

Unfortunately, many business owners don’t properly communicate with their clients. At Lucidaré, we pride ourselves on being readily available to each and every one of our clients, and we’re happy to have multiple phone calls, email exchanges, or in person meetings before your headshot appointment to help you prepare.

We’re Reliable

We understand sometimes you need a finished product in a hurry. That is why we guarantee a two business day turnaround on your headshots (including editing), and are willing to work with you if you need your headshot sooner. When we make a promise on a deadline it’s our word, and we stick to it.

We’re Affordable

Many photography studios will charge you an arm and a leg for a single headshot image, and we understand that isn’t realistic for those of us on a budget. That is why we offer our headshot package at a competitive price of $80 for a professionally retouched image in both color and in black and white. We also offer additional images at an affordable one off price.

We Have a Great Portfolio

We believe if you do good work, you should show the world, which is why we have a large headshot portfolio on our website. We’re incredibly transparent, and want potential clients to see what we’ve done in the past to see if our style of work lines up with what they’re looking for.

If you’re looking for headshots in Columbus, Ohio, or surrounding areas, we hope you check us out. We serve all northwest and central Ohio from our headshot studio centrally located in Grandview, and we can also conduct headshot sessions at your business, your home, or on location.

Contact us today to schedule your professional headshot session, you can connect with us online or give us a call at 614-763-5001

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